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Postgraduate Excellence Scholarships

This scholarship provides tuition fees for Master and PhD students. Students can accept this scholarship coupled with a Research Assistantships (RA).

Thesis Research Project Scholarships

Students who pass the thesis proposal can apply for a thesis research project scholarship. The scholarship provides support of 50,000 Baht for an MSc project and 100,000 Baht for a PhD project.

Scholarship for High Potential Candidates to Enroll in Doctoral Programs

This scholarship provides tuition fees and living costs totaling 10,000 Baht/month for PhD students. 

The Royal Golden Jubilee (RGJ) Ph.D. Programme

The RGJ scholarship provides all expenses that you will have to pay for your PhD study; tuition fees, living costs (12,000 Bath/month), research training costs for 6 months and support for 1 international conference.

Research Assistantships (RA) 

This depend on your thesis project and advisor as this funding comes through the research project.


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