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PhD in Materials Science and Innovation at Walailk University is a research only program with 3 year study plan for Type 1.1 and 4 year study plan for Type 1.2. Students will experience working in frontier research, industry linked technology and innovation with expert in their field. As it is research only program, the academic year system is three term system. This arrangement allows students go to other institutes for research exchange. 


Program Structure: 

The PhD Program in Materials Science and Innovation at the College of Graduate Studies, Walailak University offers two choices for students who are interested in studying Chemistry, Physics or Materials Science.

  • Research only Type 1.1: They will do research equaling 60 credits of trimester (for students with a MSc).

  • Research only Type 1.2: They will do research equaling 90 credits of trimester (for students with a BSc).

For the more intensive information on our Program

Download our PhD Program Specification

PhD Handbook Academic Year 2020/21

Course Specifications:

Curriculum Structure: 

Course Requirements: 


Compulsory courses:

Developed research skills 

  • MSI62-600 Scientific writing I

  • MSI62-601 Scientific writing II

  • MSI62-602 Innovation of Materials Technology


  • MSI62-681 Seminar I

  • MSI62-682 Seminar II

  • MSI62-781 Seminar III

  • MSI62-782 Seminar IV


  • MSI62-930 Thesis for Type 1.1 

  • MSI62-931 Thesis for Type 1.2

Type 1.1 Study Plan: 

study plan1-1.png
Type 1.2 Study Plan: 
study plan1-2.png
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