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Our Programs

Materials Science & Innovation combined 3 postgraduate programs; Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science and Engineering to provide you with a multidisciplinary program from 3 of the best Centers of Excellence at Walailak University, Thailand.


For the more intensive information on our Program

PhD Program Specification

MSc Program Specification

Doctor of Philosophy Program (PhD in Materials Science and Innovation)

Philosophy of the Program: To produce graduate students (Ph.D.) knowledgeable in Materials Science based on a firm understanding in chemistry and physics with high quality research output at the international level, having good research ethics and morality, and able to contribute new knowledge in Materials Science and a high level of innovation to society.

Master of Science Program (MSc in Materials Science and Innovation)


Philosophy of the Program: To provide a comprehensive understanding of aspects related to the applications and development in Materials Science and Innovation today. We motivate our students to develop their ability to research, design, assess, implement and review solutions to real-life problems across a wide range of materials. This degree course prepares students to become independent, ethical and responsible Materials Science and Innovation professionals with a global appeal.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)


Be a creative and critical thinker:

  • Demonstrate broad and coherent knowledge of pertinent areas of materials science related to their field of interest.

  • Exhibit an in-depth understanding of the underlying principles and applications of the various instrumentation, techniques and/or software critical to their research projects.

  • Properly collect, analyse, assess, and evaluate the data gathered in their experiments to make logical, reasonable, and valid scientific arguments.

Be an effective communicator:

  • Effectively communicate the fundamental aspects of their field of interest as well as their research ideas and experimental results, both in oral and written form.

Be a reflective life-long leaner:

  • Work efficiently in a highly dynamic, multi-cultural and interdisciplinary environment.

  • Acquire sufficient skills and competencies needed to embark on a professional career.

Be a service-driven citizen:

  • Always conduct themselves ethically and responsibly in the pursuit of their scientific and professional objectives.

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