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Please help to let me know how I can solve this problem, A: The most probable reason is that file's sha1 hash is wrong or corrupted. Run it through this online tool: Examine the output of your file and match with the output at the bottom of the website. If the hashes do not match, copy paste the hash from the bottom of the output page into the bottom input field of that website. This tool can only be used to check if the file is complete and not corrupted. If you have problems with the code itself, please ask about that in a different question. 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a magnetoresistance element, a thin-film magnetic head, and a magnetic memory device and, in particular, to a magnetoresistance element that is capable of having a sensitivity to read out a magnetic field generated from a magnetic recording medium at a high sensitivity, a thin-film magnetic head and a magnetic memory device that are equipped with the magnetoresistance element, and a method for manufacturing a magnetoresistance element. 2. Description of the Related Art Magnetoresistance effect elements (to be referred to as magnetoresistance elements hereinafter) using the spin valve (SV) effect have been intensively studied and developed for the last decade. Such a magnetoresistance element is called a "spin valve film (SV film)". A typical spin valve film is constituted by an antiferromagnetic film, a ferromagnetic pinned layer, a nonmagnetic metal layer, and a ferromagnetic free layer laminated in this order. The antiferromagnetic film is formed of an antiferromagnetic material. The antiferromagnetic material may be a single-phase material or a multilayered material. The nonmagnetic metal layer is formed of a nonmagnetic metal that has a strong ruthenium (Ru) effect, such as Ru, an alloy composed of Ru and Ir, or Rh, an alloy composed of Rh and Ir. The ferromagnetic pinned layer is formed of an antiferromagnetic film, a ferromagnetic film, or a multilayered film that is laminated by laminating ferromagnetic films. The ferromagnetic free layer is a ferromagnetic film. The ferromagnetic film is an NiFe film, an FeMn film

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