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Innovation for Community Enterprises: Using Smartphone Colorimetry

Batik fabrics are textiles with motifs indigenous to Southeast Asia, recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Thai batik is famous for their colorful appearance and texture, appropriate for tropical climates. However, the colors of batik are not measured by manufacturers. Batik artisans rely on their experience and universally feel that standard color charts and colorimetric instruments are cumbersome. Together, Asst. Prof. Yaowarat Sirisathitkul (School of Engineering and Technology), Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chitnaraong Sirisathitkul (School of Science) and Suvita Kaewareelap (School of Languages and General Education) Walailak University, demonstrates that the batik colors can be quantitatively described by smartphone colorimetry without an expensive spectrophotometer or a skilled operator. Not confined to the laboratory, ubiquitous smartphones provide easy on-site analysis for manufacturers and customers in the color-matching process. Even children can make such measurements and learn from the color classification. Furthermore, smartphone colorimetry is an essential component of the modernized packages for batik consumers.

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